7/13/2014 (3:54pm) 1 note

I knew that it was going to be a dream sequence, but I really don’t like this girl and I kind of wish Roman had just killed her.  Bitch needs to mind her own business.

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7/13/2014 (3:04pm)

Fell asleep last night, and then I got distracted during episode 3, but here I am back with episode 4!

Christine escaped her grave and now there’s another dead girl.

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7/12/2014 (11:50pm) 1 note

This guy is the weirdest fucking pimp I’ve ever seen. 

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7/12/2014 (11:46pm)

Awww…Roman has the baby.  Where he’s keeping the baby is really fucking weird though.

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7/12/2014 (11:34pm) 1 note

Clever way to get money Peter.  And I still simultaneously hate and love the transformation as much as last season.  It’s super cool how he can control it now though.  That’s fucking awesome.

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7/12/2014 (11:23pm)

I love the lighting in this show.  But I only got a B in lighting so my opinion shouldn’t really count for much  :/

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7/12/2014 (11:20pm)

Leeches, ingenious and disgusting.

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7/12/2014 (11:00pm)


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7/12/2014 (10:45pm)

Once upon a time, I live blogged Orange is the New Black season 2 (this being a month ago).  So I just now finished season 1 of Hemlock Grove, and guess what?!?!  Season 2 came out yesterday.  So here I am, figuring I should do the same thing for Hemlock Grove.  I’ll tag things spoilers so if you don’t want to see them you know what to do, but let me recap my feels on season one.

-Werewolf transformation scene, super gory, super graphic, super awesome.  Even if you don’t wanna watch the show, you should look that scene up.

-Love Peter and Roman.  Love their little bromance.  Both men are really attractive, but I love Roman more.  I love the rich bad boy attitude in my tv shows.

-I love Shelly.  She’s the sweetest sister, I hope there’s more of her.

-Honestly not really going to miss Letha.  But we’ll see.

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